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Back in the Saddle Again!

The exhilaration of getting back on my bike, after so many years, was incredible…

I still remember that first day when my husband took me down to the bike trail to give it a try.  I was filled with fear and doubt.  Would I be able to keep my balance?  Would I be able to propel myself forward?  Would I burst a bike tire? Would people make fun of me?   All of these thoughts overwhelmed me, and I felt pretty intimidated.   I didn’t go too far that first day.  I ran out of breath pretty quickly and my bike seat was really uncomfortable.     I realized if I was going to continue trying to exercise, in this manner, I’d better invest in a padded seat for my bike.

The next day I went to a local sports store, to see what was available, and purchased a gel pad seat cover.  It made a bit of difference but it wasn’t terrific.  I decided to do some research on the internet to see what else might be out there to help.  Too my surprise, I discovered that manufacturers were making padded bike shorts for cyclists!  A great concept, I’d never heard of padded bike shorts before. It was even more exciting when I discovered some sites catered to the “plus size” woman.  I ordered my size online and it was delivered right to my house within days.

Getting the padded bike shorts was the best investment I could have made.  The shorts allowed me to stay on the bike for a longer period of time without feeling uncomfortable and sore.  This allowed me to build up endurance and rediscover a childhood pastime that I loved – biking!  It’s been a little over a year that I first grabbed a hold of those handle bars and pedaled down the bike trail.  No turning back now, I’m on a path to a better me…..


Facing Reality!

Have you ever looked into the mirror and wondered who that person was staring back at you? That was me about a year ago.   What the mirror revealed was an image of myself I didn’t like.  My body was  distorted by layers of fat that just looked ugly.  I didn’t like what I saw and quickly moved away from the mirror and carried on with my day.   I knew I needed to change, but how?  I’d been down the diet road so many times before, only to gain the weight back.  I felt discouraged, but had to face reality.  I decided that I would clean out the pantry, bring in the healthy food and take up exercising.  

My husband encouraged me to start bike riding again.  I used to love cycling as a kid, but wondered how I would manage with all the extra weight.  I agreed to give it a try.  At this point, I had nothing to lose.  I needed to make a change in my life and I knew I needed to start somewhere.  Taking the handle bars in my hands and resting my feet on the pedals, I looked straight ahead and started to move.  This was the beginning of starting on a path to a healthier me!