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Cold Season is upon us!

It’s that time of year when the temperatures dip and the dry air rises.  We are susceptible to viral and bacterial infections.   Nobody, especially as we near the Christmas holidays, wants to be sick and run down.

Eating healthy is always the best option, but with all the Christmas parties and other holiday functions that demand our time and attention it’s not always easy to stay on schedule with proper food intake.  I do have a supply of fresh garlic on hand and chop it into small pieces.   I swallow it (without chewing it) with some water. I keep fresh ginger in my fridge and make it as a tea, as well as grate some in my food.  It is known for it’s antivral and antifungal, and antiparasidic properties.   Oil of Oregano is another option I have when I get a sore throat or feel really congested.  Bee pollen and bee propolis are also part of the arsenal I use to combat colds this season.

I discovered a honey ginger drink (golden kiri ginger drink) in an Asian supermarket and decided to give it a try. I have been quite pleased with it.   It really clears the sinuses.  There are individual packets which makes it convenient  to take them with you whether on the road or at work.

Drinking lots of water helps to flush the system quickly and will help in keeping the mucous thin when there is a buildup in the bronchial tubes and lungs.

Looking forward to a healthy Winter Season…


Be nice to your body!

“Take care of your body it’s the only place you have to live in” ~ Jim Rohn

I read this quote the other day and it really made me examine myself, my lifestyle and my emotional/spiritual well-being.

Life has been hectic around this house.  My daughter has just moved back home from University and my twin sons are moving out next year to go to University.  Lots of time and energy is going into the family. Not much time has been carved out for me. Trying to make deadlines, put out fires, and keep things running smoothly at home has left me feeling weary and rundown.

When I came across this quote, it made me stop dead in my tracks and take an good assessment of my life.  It’s true that we only have this body to live in, while here on earth, and we’d better be nice to it.   By not getting the proper nutrition, the proper sleep, or the proper amount of exercise we are taxing our bodies and keeping them from working at their optimal capacity.

When I choose to eat the wrong foods, or stay up late too many nights in a row, or just stubbornly resist exercise I am choosing to create chaos in my body.

My body is my home.   I can add product to my skin, do facials, take massages, add botox, put makeup on, shave, get a new hairdo and dress in style.  I can dress the outside of my home up to the nines, therefore creating a  facade of health.  Inwardly, I might be a mess.  Like a home that needs renovations, I realize every once in a while I need to make renovations to my body too.  I need to fix the plumbing by eating “high fiber foods”, I need to flush my system by drinking more water and ridding my body of toxins.  I need to eat multi-colored fruits and vegetables to re-energize and spruce up the inside of my body.  I need to exercise to strengthen the walls of my home.

I love life, I have been unkind to my body, I need to excavate the land, renovate my property and live at peace with myself.   Life is a journey, there will be times when renovations are a necessity….this is my time to begin renovations….What about you…is your house in order?