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Dusting off my bike!


The weather has started to warm up and the snow is all gone from the roads.  The trails are a little wet still, but all signs are pointing to summer.  That means, it’s time to dust of my bike and get it ready for some serious trail riding.

Friends have asked me why I love biking so much.  It’s hard to reply with one answer.  There are so many reasons that biking has become a joy for me.  It reminds me of my childhood.  I’d spend hours riding around the block, with the wind blowing through my hair and the warmth of the sun beaming on me.  It is freedom, adventure, exploring new territory, going to places you can’t go to on the main road.   It’s a time to enjoy nature with the family and pack picnic lunches and eat in the middle of a meadow or near a river bank.   It’s creating memories, meeting like-minded bikers who share stories of their biking adventures.  It’s exercise that’s fun and doesn’t require much motivation to do it.  There are so many other reasons why I like it but that’s enough for now….

Biking is a great way to keep fit.  It tones your leg muscles and builds up your stamina.  It’s heart-healthy and  you burn up to about 300 calories per hour (or more depending on weight, speed, difficulty of trail etc.)!

Please note, I am not a thin person yet, but have managed to get comfortable on a bike.  With proper biking gear (proper cycling shorts & gloves, gel seat, good fitting helmet and sunglasses with foam around the frames to keep bugs/dirt from getting into my eyes) it is possible to enjoy cycling for long periods of time.

Now to get working on the garage…my bike is calling me 😀


A cold or detox symptoms?

Am I really sick with a cold or is my body ridding itself of toxins?  That’s the question I had to ask myself a few days into the detoxing process.   I have read that when your body goes into detox mode toxins are released from your cells so that they can be swept out of your system.   During this time you feel lethargic and tired, and you may develop a runny nose and other cold-like symptoms.  

This was happening to me as I started the process, but figured it was just my body doing it’s job.  However, I soon discovered that my husband had Bronchitis and that I was most likely getting a cold.   I sure didn’t want it to turn into bronchitis so I pulled out some home remedies and they seemed to have worked.

The first thing I did was cut a large onion into slices.  I placed them in the bedrooms beside the beds.  In the family room when we spend a good amount of time.   The onion is supposed to absorb the bacteria and germs in the air.  Secondly, I grabbed some oregano oil.  A few drops of oil under the tongue, daily during sickness, is supposed to kill upper respiratory tract microorganisms and parasites in the intestines.  Thirdly, I sliced lemons up and made sure I drank hot lemon water with honey.  It’s soothing on the throat and the lemon acts like a cleanser. I also doubled up on my Vitamin C intake.

The result.  The cold didn’t get too advanced and I’m quickly recovering.

These are just a few home remedies that work for me.  If you have any that work for you please share them.  I’d be interested in hearing how you ward off colds and flu.

Well, the sun is shining and we’re enjoying a lovely Easter weekend.  Happy Easter! and stay healthy!


Another one bites the dust!


How many times have you opened the fridge door and seen food rotting?  It’s happened to me on so many occasions.  I hate to see food go to waste, yet it’s my own fault.

I believe a lot of waste occurs, in my fridge, because I don’t prepare the food ahead of time.  If I want a quick snack I may reach for a carrot, but when I open the fridge and realize I have to peel and cut the carrot I close the fridge door and grab a cracker, cookie or a few almonds instead.  It’s more convenient and readily available.

Prepping is tedious, but it’s definitely worth the hassle.   Today, I spent time in the kitchen prepping some food.  

When produce is washed, peeled and ready to use it makes meals more convenient to prepare and more enticing when you want to grab a quick snack.

My kids love crunchy snacks and if I have carrot and celery sticks prepped in the fridge they will snack on them.   Grapes that are washed and ready to eat are always a favorite as well.

Red, green, yellow peppers washed and sliced are wonderful to make a quick stir-fry or add to an omelet or pasta sauce.

The reward, for my effort in the kitchen today, came after dinner tonight.  My husband wanted to have some coffee to finish off his meal.  I told him I had lemon wedges cut in the fridge and suggested having hot lemon water instead.  He opened the fridge, saw the Ziploc bags full of lemon wedges and decided to make the switch from coffee.

Small steps, make a huge impact on the road to being healthy.   This is one of them!  

It’s Time to Spring Clean!

Spring is here and it’s time for me to do some “Spring” cleaning.  I’m not talking about cleaning around the house, but rather an internal cleaning.  Winter has been long and difficult.  For the most part  I have been focused on eating healthy, but it never hurts to do an internal cleanse.

Years ago, I discovered ‘Mono-dieting” which is basically a short fast over a weekend where you remove solid food from your diet and juice fruits and veggies.  It’s a small cleanse and can be done any time throughout the year.  However, what I’m talking about here is doing one over a course of 10 days.

The joy of this kind of detox is you are still able take in nutrients, not feel too sluggish, rest the digestive system and allow the body to rid itself of toxins.

When I do this kind of detox there is a lot of leftover pulp.  If you have a composter this is great to add to it.  But if you’re  like me and look for creative ways to use the pulp here’s a great list below:

1. Blend pulp into a smoothie to add fiber.

2. Add to a soup to thicken and boost fiber and nutrient density.

3. Use fruit pulp to make frozen “pulpsicles” or fruit pulp ice.

4. Make a veggie broth by boiling pulp with water, herbs, and spices, then straining.

5. Make a “fruit tea” by boiling fruit pulp with water, adding spices such as cinnamon or ginger, cooling, and then straining.

6. Use veggie pulp to add nutrient density to mac n’ cheese or pasta sauce, or layer into a lasagne.

7. Make fabulous fruit leathers.

9. Use in homemade veggie burgers or fritters. Pulp adds moisture, flavor, and nutrition.

10. Mix pulp into baked goods like muffins, cakes, bread,  dehydrated or baked cookies, and granola bars. Celery, onion, carrot, sweet potato, spinach, apple, and berry all work beautifully.

11. Use fruit or veggie pulp to add flavor, texture, and moisture to pancakes.

12. Make dehydrated pulp crackers.

13. Use pulp for raw pizza crust.

14. Make pulp marmalade.

15. Make a pulp crumble by mixing pulp with fruit and juice, reducing, and then topping with oats, spices, nuts, or seeds.

16. Dehydrate and make trail mix with raw nuts, seeds, and dried fruits.

17. Dehydrate and use like bread crumbs.

18. Use in DIY skincare recipes like scrubs, masks, and soap.

19. Mix pulp into your dog’s food or make dog treats.


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