It’s a Fish Kinda day!

salmon-picI can’t say that I am very fond of fish, in fact, I would say for the most part, I avoid it at all costs.

Growing up fish was either from a can (tuna) or covered in batter (halibut with chips).  Once in a while Dad would make a white sauce with parsley to enhance some pan-fried fish that Mom would make.  This is the only way I enjoyed fish and ate it.

When I met my husband’s family for the first time they served broiled salmon with a wedge of lemon with green beans and rice.  Not wanting to make a fuss I managed to wash it down with several glasses of apple juice.

Fast forward to present day, you will now see tins of tuna and red salmon in the pantry shelf along with frozen salmon fillets in my freezer.  Yes, somehow I succumbed to the pressure of eating more fish.  After reading many articles and books about the health benefits of fish(heart health, brain food, eye improvement, skin enhancer etc.) I decided it was worth introducing it as part of our family meal plan.

At first, I tried hiding the fish in casseroles, and cream cheese pates but little by little I began to enjoy the flavor of it and no longer need to “hide it”.  Today, not only do  I enjoy eating fish, I enjoy catching fish and eating them!  A few of my favorites are perch, sunfish, bass and even catfish (I know, right?).

If you are not a big fan of fish, give it a try!  Your body will love you for it! Bon Appetit!
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New Year, New Resolutions!

It’s been some time since I blogged.  For the better part of 2016 I was caring for my mother, who had a stroke.  Thankfully, my sister and I were able to share the journey together, as we nursed mom back to health and strength once again.  She has recovered beautifully, and we are grateful that she is able to function well again.

With that being said, a New Year is here and I am hoping to get back on track.

Cleansing has started this week with Greens+, lemon water/spring water, herbal teas, fresh juice (made with my juicer), and warm soup and broths.

Low impact exercise is keeping things moving and agile.  Jumping on the mini trampoline is helping drain the lymphatic system.

Feeling alive once again, and looking forward to seeing that healthy glow on my face too.

Life is a journey, there are good times, and some difficult times.  After the storm comes the promised rainbow from God.  For that I am very grateful.

Hoping this year fills your heart with gratitude, healthy habits, focus and determination to be the best you, that you can be.   Let the journey continue…….

Liven up your juice with ginger!

Juicing can be a great experience for some people, but for others the thought of a green drink just turns their stomach.  If you are not a huge veggie lover juicing is a great way to get the proper nutrients you need daily and more.

An apple to sweeten the green drink is always a favorite, but for some once it settles in the stomach you may feel nauseous.   In comes ginger.  Ginger is soothing to the stomach and when mixed with your green drink it adds a little heat and a better taste for your pallette.

Next time you juice kale, zucchini, or other green Liven it up with ginger!

Motivated once again!

Motivation has been renewed.  Perhaps the warm weather has contributed to that.  Some of it is due to pure determination and where I want to see myself in a few months.

Biking is my passion and the added weight will just cause injury to my knees so working on a stationary bike for now is a good option.  I’ve incorporated a low impact gazelle workout and weight lifting as well.

The last few days have been focused on restructuring my exercise regimen and getting my husband on board with me.  Partnering up with him allows me to have an accountability partner.

The healthy glow this week comes in the form of sweat!  All the hard work will pay off in the long run.  If you have been in a slump and unmotivated that’s ok, just pick yourself up and press on.

This healthy lifestyle is a life long journey and there are times when life sends us down a slippery slope.  But there is nothing that’s says you have to stay in the mud pile at the bottom of the slope and wallow in the mud.

Today is the day to shake the mud off!



Tough Love

The weather is finally changing around here and we are beginning to experience Spring like temperatures.  Up until last week the temperatures were plummeting and snow was falling.

The weather has certainly put a damper on Spring cleaning, and I am talking about more than the inside of my house.

I usually do a Spring cleanse to rid my body of toxins and start an exercise regimen to get bike ready for outdoor trails.

However this year has been different. Pneumonia and the diagnosis of asthma has left me feeling lethargic and unmotivated. I have been ignoring the scales and the fact that my clothes are feeling a little tighter than they should.

It is now time to give myself a little tough love and get moving again.

This is my journey and I am pressing on to stay healthy and fit. The reality is that some days will be good and some won’t.   The key is perseverance!

I will be blogging on my progress over the next few weeks to let you know how I am getting the Spring back in my Step!

Life Interrupted!

As 2015 came to a close, I was battling a bad case of pneumonia and was hospitalized, due to complications.  It took me by surprise, and turned my life upside down.  Having to follow doctor’s strict orders, I was put on a no fiber, lactose free diet due to internal bleeding.  Since I was used to eating a high fiber diet it took a while to adjust.  After 6 weeks I was able to slowly resume my normal eating schedule.

Thankfully, I am fully recovered and am beginning to get back into routine once again. The time out gave me an opportunity to reflect on my life and remember how precious life is and that each day is a gift from God.

Counting my blessings!

Look out for new posts, coming soon…..



Festive Christmas Snacks for Kids

Festive ways to keep kids eating healthy during the Christmas Season.

Kids Christmas Mr.-Grinch-the-Kiwi  Kids Christmas Cottage Cheese Snowman  kids christmas Rudolph-Pancakes-Breakfast_PM  kids christmas candy cane  kids christmas banana berry santa  kids christmas snowman-cups-
 (Cottage Cheese snowman) (fresh fruit candy cane)  (banana berry santa) (popcorn snowman)