Tough Love

The weather is finally changing around here and we are beginning to experience Spring like temperatures.  Up until last week the temperatures were plummeting and snow was falling.

The weather has certainly put a damper on Spring cleaning, and I am talking about more than the inside of my house.

I usually do a Spring cleanse to rid my body of toxins and start an exercise regimen to get bike ready for outdoor trails.

However this year has been different. Pneumonia and the diagnosis of asthma has left me feeling lethargic and unmotivated. I have been ignoring the scales and the fact that my clothes are feeling a little tighter than they should.

It is now time to give myself a little tough love and get moving again.

This is my journey and I am pressing on to stay healthy and fit. The reality is that some days will be good and some won’t.   The key is perseverance!

I will be blogging on my progress over the next few weeks to let you know how I am getting the Spring back in my Step!


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