Healthy Not!

The Summer went by quickly, and with it came great days of relaxation and rest.  It was also filled with days of swimming, hiking, biking and it truly was a time of renewal.

Despite, the beautiful summer days and a bounty of good food, my weight fluctuated.  I am getting to that lovely age where hormones change and “hot flashes” kick in…LOL!

As I move into the Fall Season I take time to detoxify my body and do a juice fast.  I am gearing up for it slowly and decided that it would be good to incorporate a little fresh juice, into my diet, over the next few days.

Today, I made a carrot/apple blend and when my husband and son came home from church I handed them a glass each.  To my surprise my husband had stopped at the store to bring home some goodies.  While I handed him his glass of fresh juice, he proceeded to hand me a package of bakery chocolate chip cookies.

I have to say it was a good laugh.  Clearly, my husband didn’t get the memo that carrot juice and cookies don’t go together!

I can tell he’s not looking forward to our annual detox, but this is exactly the reason I insist on him joining me.  Thank goodness, he didn’t walk in with a package of bacon, but that’s another whole ball game.

Remember be good to yourself, choose healthy foods, and flush toxins.  Don’t beat yourself up when your weight fluctuates or you eat a cookie…press on and strive to make healthy choices.

carrot juice and cookies


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