Sometimes you just need to keep going.

These last few weeks have been busy as I try to cram Doctor’s appointment, dental appointments, police checks and driving lessons in for my boys who are heading away for the Summer to be Camp Counselors.  Motivation to eat well is at an all time low and I am battling with wanting a quick meal on the run.   However, it is ok to have busy schedules and know that while you might veer from the path for a little while you can pick up where you left off.  I’m getting to the “pick up where I left off” stage and am trying to get back to my exercise routine and eating a bit healthier.

The picture below is a good motivation and gives me the energy to press on and to be patient with myself when I know my world spins out of control and I get side-tracked.

weight loss


4 thoughts on “Sometimes you just need to keep going.

  1. Very true. We need to be kind to ourselves and recognise that we do our best under the circumstances, but we’re not perfect. Tomorrow’s always a new day 😉


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