Life’s little ups and downs!

Losing weight is not always easy and when life throws curve balls at you it’s even harder to stick with a daily eating program and exercise routine.

During the last 6 weeks life has definitely had it’s little ups and downs.  My husband and I were planning on taking a vacation to Atlantic City when the teachers in our district went on strike.  The strike lasted for nearly 6 weeks.  We decided to switch vacation plans and turn it into a “family” vacation.  We cancelled our hotel without any problem and booked for Florida.  The trip was excellent.

Trying to stick with a eating program and exercise routine was a little difficult, but with proper planning we managed to do pretty well.  Since we were staying in a condominium-styled hotel we had a full kitchen facility and we took advantage of that.   This gave me the upper hand in making healthy, nutritious meals.

The weather was optimal and, therefore, it allowed for lots of exercise.   Swimming is one of my favorite things to do, and I took advantage of it.  Walking all around Disney World and Downtown Disney sure gave me lots of opportunity to burn calories.

While there was a shift in my plans I didn’t shift my focus off of my goals.  The key to success was planning a head and making a conscious effort to make wise choices.

The kids are back in school this week, and are gearing up for their Prom night and I am settling back into routine, feeling renewed and refreshed!


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