Sensational Salad with Rose petals

 rose petal salad

Roses are red, and lovely to view. Why not pull a few petals and enjoy a good chew?

Edible flowers are wonderful adornments to your food.  They can add beauty, and flavor to your dish.  You can sprinkle edible flowers onto salad, make tea from them, or freeze them in water to make fancy ice cubes; then serve them in cold drinks.  You can make jellies, jams, or even use them as a garnish with dessert.

It’s important that the flowers are organic and free from pesticides.  If you don’t grow your own roses, you can seek out an eco-floral shop to purchase them.  Remember to rinse them gently under cold water before use.

Here is a simple salad accented with rose petals.  Red of course, for Valentines.

Garden Pea and Rose Petal Salad Recipe


*1 handful of green leaf lettuce

*1 handful of red leaf lettuce

*1 handful of purple pak choi

*1 handful of spinach

*1 handful of basil

*10-15 fresh peas

*rose petals

*1 tablespoon organic, plain yogurt

*1 tablespoon olive oil

*2 teaspoons honey

*1 garlic clove, minced


  1. Clean all of your greens very well and tear them into bite-sized pieces.
  1. Chop up the basil and slice the peas.
  1. in a medium bowl, mix together the greens, the basil and the sliced peas. Toss in a few rose petals, too, but keep most of them for garnish.
  1. In a small bowl, whisk together the yogurt, the olive oil, the honey and the garlic. Pour over the salad and toss well. Garnish with the rest of the rose petals.

*Quick Tip:  If you are rushed for time, purchase a container of mixed salad greens at your local grocery store for the base of your salad, and then add the other ingredients as listed.


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