Mirror, Mirror

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Mirror, Mirror.”

When I look in the mirror I see, first and foremost, the woman that I have become.

From head to toe, I have changed.  I see wrinkles around my eyes and mouth, and a few between my eyes. The wrinkles remind me that life is fleeting.  Whether I like it or not, I am getting older and am maturing.  However, when I look at these wrinkles, I am reminded that they are there because I smile often, and try to bring joy to those around me.  The wrinkles show me that I’ve endured some difficult times, but have become stronger for having gone through them.  Wrinkles on my body show the changing shapes I have had.  Some due to pregnancy and some due to the ever fluctuating weight changes I have experienced throughout my life.

I see teeth that cross a little at the front, just like my mom and grandmother’s teeth.  A family trait, I chose to live with.

Scars, beautiful scars!  The scars of course remind me of things that have happened in my life.  The scar above one of my eyebrows is so tiny, you can’t really notice it, but every time I see it I am reminded of how it happened.  My husband and I were at the cottage for our first year anniversary.  We loved to play catch, and on this particular day we kept throwing the ball harder as we moved further apart.  He whipped the ball quickly out of his hand, and it soared through the air.  I ran for it and thought I was going to catch it but my eye decided to get it instead.  Blood spewed everywhere and we had to drive quickly into town to the hospital.  My husband felt horrible and wondered what he could do to make it up to me.  I told him nothing.  Then he started doing jumping jacks in the middle of the emergency room just to get me to laugh..and I did!  Silly man, but he’s my silly man and I love him!

Then the scars on my knees and legs are from childhood play.  Riding my bike too fast and falling into stones, jumping off walls too high,  getting thrown into the lake and falling on a clam that slit my knee open.  Getting my foot caught in the spokes of a bike.  I loved my childhood, and the adventures were worth getting the scars. Other scars are from c-sections and operations I have had for the safe conception and birth of my children.

The mirror doesn’t lie, but I know when I look into it, I can’t escape reality. I am what I am!   I know that there are areas that could use a little nip and tuck and I need to keep working at getting fit.   However,  when I look in the mirror I know that I am  loved!  I am a wife with a husband who loves me,  I am a mother with children that love me, I am a daughter with a mother who loves me, I am sister who is loved by her siblings, and I am a child who is loved by God!

So the mirror may show me my flaws and imperfections, but that’s ok!  I am loved and this body is something that I’ve grown into and it will continue to change and take a different shape, but no matter how it changes, I know I am loved and am content in my own skin!


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