A picture says a thousand words!

Jamie Oliver And Victoria Government Announce Partnership To Tackle Obesityfresh-fruits-vegetables-2419

Two pictures side by side show a drastic contrast to food.  One picture shows food that is “alive” living, fresh food that will nourish and feed our bodies.  The other picture shows food that is “dead” over processed, filled with saturated fat and stripped of many nutrients.  Each day we choose what foods we put into our bodies.  Today we can choose wisely.

I’m midway through the cleanse this week, and it has been incredibly revitalizing.   My energy levels have increased and my I am getting a good nights sleep each night.  These pictures keep me motivated, and remind me why I am choosing to live a healthier lifestyle.

Hope it encourages you all today, as you continue to strive to be a healthier you!


5 thoughts on “A picture says a thousand words!

  1. Such a good idea to show the photos side by side. The fresh food is so bright and appealing, and the junk food is all shades of the same dull colour. It’s easy to stay motivated this way!

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