Dream Reader ~ That’s you!

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Dear Dream Reader my assignment today, in “Blogging101”, is to talk specifically to YOU.

You know who you are, so don’t be shy.  You are the one that accidentally stumbles across my blog and reads what’s on my mind.  You are the one who likes a post, or decides to follow me.  You are the one who gives me a like or shares a comment with me.

Dream reader, you inspire me.  I babble about subjects that keep me healthy from the inside out.  Things from food to exercise equipment, to beauty regimens and kitchen utensils that make food prep easy, to quick healthy snacks that satisfy, to smoothie and food recipes.  I even tell you when I’ve derailed from my healthy eating habits and that I’m left with a holiday bulge, yet you don’t judge me.

Dream reader, you are the one who wants to be healthy, stay healthy,  and eat food that is “alive” and full of nutrients.  You are the one who is filling your mind with mantras like “you are what you eat”, “garbage in equals garbage out”, “I eat to live, not live to eat”, “a moment on the lips, forever on the hips”, “know your limitations and then defy them”, “clear your mind of can’t”, “strive for progress not perfection” etc.……

You are the one who knows you have a lymphatic system and that your skin is the largest organ. You know that sweat removes toxics and drinking lots of water flushes them out of your system. You know what lycopene and tryptophan is, what antioxidants and probiotics are. You are the one who doesn’t have a clue what those are.  You are the one who is informed, and you are the one who wants to be informed.

Dream reader you are also the one who stumbles and falls and picks yourself up.  You are the one that keeps pushing forward even if your derailment has set you back 10, 20, 30lbs or more.  You are the one who has faced stress, anxiety, frustration, disappointment, sadness.  You are the one who has experienced joy, love, peace, happiness.  You are the one who clings to hope, who keeps the faith, who looks in the mirror and is happy with you.  You are not perfect, and you are ok with that, but you will continue to push yourself to be as healthy as you can be.  You are the one who wants to glow from the inside out.

Dream Reader have you figured out who you are yet?  Well, let me tell you who you are.


It’s You, the one who is reading this right now, the one who inspires me to write things that inspire you, and encourage you.  You’re the one who takes an interest in what interests me. You encourage me to be the best me. You are the one who comes in all different shapes and sizes, genders and colors. You are unique and you are you.

Dream reader, I want to say thanks.  Thanks for reading my rants and babbling.  Thanks for coming over to my neck of the woods and giving me a high five.  Dream Reader your initials are DR. and you are the best medicine this blogger could have each and every day.  Thanks for inspiring me, you are the best.


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