Pedal exercisers, fun for all ages!

Pedal exercisers, are fun for all ages.  If you’ve been stuck behind a desk all day, or have kids who play video games a lot, pedal exercisers are a great investment.  These little portable exercisers fit under your desk at work or home so you can pedal at your leisure.

I first discovered them when my Mum was having difficulty with exercising, due to severe arthritis and fibromyalgia pain.  It was and is affecting her daily life.  While walking and light weight lifting is the best option for her, there are days when she’s suffering so much she can’t move well.

Knowing the value of exercise, and how weak her muscles would become if she didn’t move I decided to do some research on exercise equipment.   I wanted something that would give her a low impact workout and still keep muscles toned, circulation moving, and heart exercised.  The solution was the pedal exerciser.

The beautiful thing about this is she can pedal in the comfort of her own home, while sitting in her chair. She can pedal while talking on the phone, watching tv, reading a book or doing some knitting.  When she is done using them she can tuck it away under her chair.

The pedals can also be used for upper arm workouts.  She places them on top of her table and is able to tone her arms.

My kids were fighting over them every time we went to her house, so I decided to purchase a pair for our home. (and we already have two exercise bikes),  However, when my kids are playing video games or watching television or just chatting with me in the family room, they grab them and pedal away.

This has been a good investment for my mum to help her to keep moving, and it’s been a good addition to our home.  There are a few different kinds available, but if you have no room for a exercise bike or want to have one at work under your desk these a good option and are reasonably priced.

pedals2pedal exerciser2

It’s such a simple item, but has a big impact on overall health.


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