Goodbye Holiday Bulge!

It’s Monday and that means a fresh start begins today.  I spent the weekend de-cluttering the house, but like most things, it’s going to take much longer than I anticipated.  A few bags of garbage and a several donation boxes later the house is no longer bursting at the seams with clutter.  The excess has been removed and, it’s time to go back into each room, do a deeper purge and organize everything.

At the moment, my body feels a little bit like a cluttered home too.  My body is experiencing the “holiday bulge” and it’s time to purge and cleanse it.

My goal this week is to:

Remove all unhealthy food from my diet and replace it with fresh fruits and vegetables.

Keep a journal to stay focused and on top of my goal. (This is key, I need to have a solid goal so I know what to aim for).

Drink water each day. (To find out the appropriate amount of water I should be drinking I take my weight and divide it in half.  That is the amount of ounces I need to drink per day) eg. 140lbs. divided by 2 = 70 ounces.)

 Exercise for at least 20-30 minutes per day.

This is a pretty basic plan but for this week I don’t want my digestive system to go into shock.  I am preparing myself for a juice detox next week.  If I were to start with an abrupt detox right away my body would react miserably.  Slowly incorporating fruit and veggies this week will get me on track for next week.

My example menu for this week:

Wake up:  1 glass (8oz.) of lemon water. (I usually squeeze the lemon into my water at night and place it beside my bed.  When I awake I drink it first thing).  This helps flush the system from toxic waste that my body discarded throughout the night.

Breakfast:  A Smoothie: Fresh Orange juice, plain yogurt, one banana, a handful of frozen berries, a tablespoon of organic ground flax seed.

Morning snack: Fruit and some almonds OR veggies sticks with hummus.

Lunch: Salad with protein. (eg. Chicken salad, Greek salad OR Fresh pasta with lots of veggies).

Afternoon snack: cup of yogurt, apple with 2 thin cheese slices or a dried fruit mix with nuts.

Dinner: Protein with veggies OR Veggies with a carb. Eg. (fish with steamed veggies, OR brown rice with stir-fried veggies).

Snack before bedtime: Herbal tea. (I find this very relaxing)

I tend to have fruit in the morning as it doesn’t take my body much time to digest it.  This leaves me with more energy and focus.  A heavy breakfast leaves me feeling sluggish and lethargic.

Also, I do enjoy food combining.  This allows the food to pass through the digestive tract at a quicker rate and frees up more energy.

Here’s to a week of removing clutter from my liver and lymphatic system!


~“Our bodies are our gardens – our wills are our gardeners.” ~ William Shakespeare

~ “The best and most efficient pharmacy is within your own system.”~ Robert C. Peale


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