Snowball fight anyone?

Snow is falling outside my window this evening.  It looks like we are in for quite a storm.  I’m not a big fan of venturing out in the snow, and would prefer to huddle inside around the fireplace.

Unfortunately, that is not always possible.  We lead busy lives, so the driveway has to get shoveled and the sidewalk needs cleared off so pedestrians won’t fall or have to trudge through ice and snow.

Snow brings back such fond childhood memories too.  When I was younger I would play for hours rolling in the snow, making snow angels, building igloos, and snowmen.  Tobogganing was always a favorite as well.

Being outdoors in the fresh air does wonders for your health.  It lifts your spirits, gets the body’s lymphatic system pumping, increases endorphins and are absorbing Vitamin D from the sun .  My mum’s doctor told her to get outdoors, at least once a day, to walk around the block.  That was great advice, and one that I have proven to be very effective.

Winter activities include:

-Ice skating, tobogganing, snow shoeing, sking (cross country & downhill), walking, playing in the snow, ice fishing, snow mobiling,

Make sure to wrap up warmly and apply sunblock SPF 15 on face before heading outdoors.

Most of all have fun!


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