Summer Days!

Summer is going by so quickly.  Just a few more weeks before the kids head back to school and the lazy, hazy days of Summer come to an end.

I love Summer!  It’s a time of unwinding, vacationing, enjoying the beauty of nature and just chilling with family.   

It’s a time to unplug from technology and I’ve enjoyed that so much.  It’s freeing not to have to answer the phone or check social media sights for messages.  Making a deliberate effort to stay off the computer has been challenging since I do enjoy it so much.  However, hopping onto my bike, going for a hike, swimming at the beach, squishing my toes in the sand, skipping rocks across the water and soaking up a little sun has been much more rewarding and satisfying. 

All this enjoyment is also good for my health.  The exercise is keeping my body active and helping me burn some extra calories up.  Sweating is releasing toxins from my body and giving me a healthy glow.  Eating more fruit, salads and farmers market veggies is feeding my body the right kind of food and all the fresh air is helping to oxygenate my cells and lungs.

Heading outside now.  So much to see and do before Fall comes knocking at my door!


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