A cold or detox symptoms?

Am I really sick with a cold or is my body ridding itself of toxins?  That’s the question I had to ask myself a few days into the detoxing process.   I have read that when your body goes into detox mode toxins are released from your cells so that they can be swept out of your system.   During this time you feel lethargic and tired, and you may develop a runny nose and other cold-like symptoms.  

This was happening to me as I started the process, but figured it was just my body doing it’s job.  However, I soon discovered that my husband had Bronchitis and that I was most likely getting a cold.   I sure didn’t want it to turn into bronchitis so I pulled out some home remedies and they seemed to have worked.

The first thing I did was cut a large onion into slices.  I placed them in the bedrooms beside the beds.  In the family room when we spend a good amount of time.   The onion is supposed to absorb the bacteria and germs in the air.  Secondly, I grabbed some oregano oil.  A few drops of oil under the tongue, daily during sickness, is supposed to kill upper respiratory tract microorganisms and parasites in the intestines.  Thirdly, I sliced lemons up and made sure I drank hot lemon water with honey.  It’s soothing on the throat and the lemon acts like a cleanser. I also doubled up on my Vitamin C intake.

The result.  The cold didn’t get too advanced and I’m quickly recovering.

These are just a few home remedies that work for me.  If you have any that work for you please share them.  I’d be interested in hearing how you ward off colds and flu.

Well, the sun is shining and we’re enjoying a lovely Easter weekend.  Happy Easter! and stay healthy!



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