Another one bites the dust!


How many times have you opened the fridge door and seen food rotting?  It’s happened to me on so many occasions.  I hate to see food go to waste, yet it’s my own fault.

I believe a lot of waste occurs, in my fridge, because I don’t prepare the food ahead of time.  If I want a quick snack I may reach for a carrot, but when I open the fridge and realize I have to peel and cut the carrot I close the fridge door and grab a cracker, cookie or a few almonds instead.  It’s more convenient and readily available.

Prepping is tedious, but it’s definitely worth the hassle.   Today, I spent time in the kitchen prepping some food.  

When produce is washed, peeled and ready to use it makes meals more convenient to prepare and more enticing when you want to grab a quick snack.

My kids love crunchy snacks and if I have carrot and celery sticks prepped in the fridge they will snack on them.   Grapes that are washed and ready to eat are always a favorite as well.

Red, green, yellow peppers washed and sliced are wonderful to make a quick stir-fry or add to an omelet or pasta sauce.

The reward, for my effort in the kitchen today, came after dinner tonight.  My husband wanted to have some coffee to finish off his meal.  I told him I had lemon wedges cut in the fridge and suggested having hot lemon water instead.  He opened the fridge, saw the Ziploc bags full of lemon wedges and decided to make the switch from coffee.

Small steps, make a huge impact on the road to being healthy.   This is one of them!  


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