Knocked down, but not defeated

I have been off my exercise routine and eating has been difficult.  

It started last weekend when I had a bout of the Stomach flu.  Recovering from that meant Ginger Ale and soda crackers.  Then I was able to add a little bit of chicken noodle soup.  I slowly incorporated more solid food.  However, it became comfort food, which meant all the wrong foods.

After a week of being down for the count and trying to maintain my busy schedule I realized that the week was a bit of a write off. 

Recognizing that this was not a great week I have come up with a few conclusions:

1)      It’s ok to have an off week when you’re sick.

2)      Falling out of routine with food intake and exercise is normal while in recovery mode.

3)      Take time to recuperate and build health and strength. Don’t beat yourself up.

4)      Slowly transition back into eating healthy meals and returning to exercise routine.

5)      Look over your journal to see how far you have come to prevent discouragement.  Don’t derail!

6)      Refocus on your commitment to eating healthy and losing weight.

7)      Jump back into routine asap. 


This week is a new week.   Time to pull myself together and return to where I left off.

Staying the course!  Staying motivated! 



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