Go Ahead and Jump!

I know that exercising is important in order to be fit and for heart health, but I didn’t realize how beneficial it was to my Lymphatic system.  In fact, I didn’t really know much about the Lymphatic system at all until I started reading information on it.

ImageUnlike the circulatory system that has a pump (the heart) to circulate the blood, the lymphatic system needs a little assistance to get it moving.   Exercising is one way we can really help our bodies. 

The lymph fluid collects all the pathogens, dead blood cells, bacteria, toxic waste and it escorts it out of our bodies.  It’s kind of like our garbage collector.   However, if we neglect exercise and just sit around our lymphatic system becomes sluggish and backed up.  Imagine if your neighborhood garbage collector doesn’t pick your garbage up for a few weeks.  The garbage in front of your house builds up, begins to rot and starts to cause problems by attracting flies, maggots, rats, raccoons etc.  You’ve got one mess on your hands.   This is exactly what takes place in our bodies.  Our Lymph fluid gets thick and sluggish and the toxic waste builds up.  You can imagine the havoc it is going to wreak on our bodies.   This is where exercise enters in.   Our muscles working jump start and help pump the lymph fluid.

The best kind of exercise to get the lymphatic system flowing and draining is on a mini trampoline or jump rope.  Jumping up and down helps open the valves and helps drain the fluid.  Aerobic exercise and yoga are also good, but if you can jump…go ahead and jump.  Your body will benefit from it, and your Lymphatic system will love you for it.

Here’s a great article for further ways to cleanse the Lymph System



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