A Nifty “Timely” Fitness Tool

I’ve had my MIO watch for a few years now, and I really like it.  It’s basically a strapless heart rate monitor that I wear on my wrist like a watch.   If I want to measure my heart rate, I press my fingers on two sensors, and it gives me an accurate reading.  Measuring my heart rate  shows how my body is responding to my exercise.  It shows me if I’m working too intensely and over stressing my heart or if I’m exercising at too low an intensity.

There are other great features as well.  It keeps a record of the calories I ingest throughout the day and calculates the number of calories I burn during my workout.  It records and stores the information.  Then when I work out, it calculates the calories burned and subtracts it from the calories I’ve  ingested automatically.  A great way to see calories in vs. calories burned.

Because I can wear the MIO on my wrist it’s a reminder to keep focused on being healthy and reaching my weight loss goal.  The benefit is you don’t have any of those chest straps or have things sticking to you.  The new MIO watch works with Fitness apps like STRAVA.  So it’s easier to get real-time feedback and see how you progress from day to day.

The watches are a bit of an investment. But, I think it’s a great fitness tool to have to help you stay on track.


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