Why not add some zip to your water?


I like water and usually don’t have too many problems drinking the required amount I’m supposed to have.  I’ve found for me, that’s eight to ten glasses daily.  It’s wonderfully refreshing and keeps me hydrated throughout the day.   However, there are some days I just want to add some zip to my water. 

Perhaps, you already add lemons or limes to your water and are happy with that.  Here’s a few more ways that you might enjoy drinking yours, as much as I do.

Fill a large pitcher with water.   Add ingredients, refrigerate for a few hours or overnight.  Your taste buds will be enjoying the different flavors.

1) Celery leaves.  The flavor is distinct and very refreshing.

2) A mixture of apple slices, (green and red) to your water and enjoy the natural apple flavor.

3) Fresh pineapple chunks.  Go tropical!  This gives the water a sweet pleasant taste.

4) Berries. (Strawberries or blueberries are what I use)

5) A mixture of Lemon, Lime & Orange Slices.

6) Mint leaves. 

7) A splash of cranberry juice.  This is especially good with sparkling water. It also curbs you reaching for a can of pop.

8) Grated ginger.  This adds a little spicy zest to your water.  It’s great with hot water as well.

Find your favorite and add some ZIP to your water!



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