Little Things that go a LONG Way


So I decided to switch up my exercise routine by adding random workout activities spontaneously throughout the day.  The idea was to keep me focused on toning and stretching.

These are some of the intentional exercises I do.

-Leg lifts before I even get out of bed.  Then when I head to bed at night I do another set of leg lifts.

-Stair step ups.  Before I walk up the stairs or if I walk by the stairs, in the house, I stop and do them. (even if it’s just ten times up and down, you’d be surprised how many times you walk past a set of stairs)

-Wall pushups.  This is an easy one to do because everyone has walls everywhere.  Just stand a few feet away from the wall. Put your hands on the wall and press into it, using your weight for resistance, then push yourself back to a standing position.  This works your muscles and for those who can’t get on the floor to do proper pushups, it’s another option.

-Heel Lifts.  While standing at the counter brushing my teeth or washing some dishes.  I just raise my heels up high and lower them.  I mean if you’re just standing around why not get a little workout in!

-Sideways Leg lifts.  Stand sideways while holding onto a kitchen or office chair and kick your leg sideways.  Switch arms and do the other leg.

-Grab a couple of cans or light weights and do arm curls while watching tv, and during commercials, stand up and stretch to the ceiling and bend down to touch your toes.  Do this until your show comes back on.

-Turn the tunes up loud and dance to a few of them. Dance like no one is watching!

The funny thing is these have become a habit.  I do as many of them throughout the day as I can incorporate.  It’s just a few little things that I do that will add up to me being more toned and flexible.  

Give it a try next time you’re brushing your teeth or walking by a wall.  Trust me, it can get addictive!




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