Rewarding Yourself Without Feeling Guilty

Weight loss has been slow and steady for me.  There are times I hit a wall and even gain some weight back.

I’ve tried to approach a lifestyle of eating healthy foods, rather than saying I’m on a diet.  Diet to me implies that this is something I am doing for a little while and when I’ve reached my goal weight I can eat the way I used to.  Which, for me means putting most of my weight back on.

Changing my way of eating for life is something I am choosing to do so that the weight will gradually come off and stay off.  Eating healthy foods and finding creative ways to eat them is helping me stay on track.

With that being said, there are times when I really want some Unhealthy treat!  You know what I’m talking about.   For some of you it might be a bag of nachos, or chips.  For others it might be a nice piece of cake or an ice cream cone.   My weakness is chocolate, and I’m not talking “Dark” chocolate (which is supposed to be really good for you).  I’m talking pure creamy dairy milk chocolate, or a bar of chocolate with caramel and nuts.    Whatever, your weakness is, there are days that your resistance is low and you cave in.

Knowing that I will fall off the health wagon on occasion, I decided that I should incorporate a reward day that I can look forward to.   It has really kept me motivated each week.    My reward day happens to fall on a Saturday.   That means from Sunday to Friday I am 100% committed to eating healthy foods, exercising and making wise choices.  I know that my reward is coming!!  The best part is it doesn’t have to be food.  You can get your nails done, have a spa day, color your hair, buy a good book to read,  go get a new top,  etc.  But if you want that food treat…it’s reward day and you can have it!  I do watch my portion intake so I don’t undo all the effort  I put in that week.

This has kept me on track to eating healthier and making wiser choices.  Also, if you are in a situation throughout the week that temptation has overtaken you…don’t beat yourself up.  Just make adjustments and THAT day will be your reward day for the week.

I’m learning as I go along each day that the choice is ours.  We don’t have to lose lots of weight, all at once.  Sometimes,  a slow and steady pace is the best way for long term success.  It’s the turtle that wins the race and in the end feels better for it.  Enjoy your journey, be selective with your food choices and enjoy your REWARD!!  So far, it’s keeping temptation,  at bay for me.


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