Battling the Bulge

For anyone who has struggled with a weight issue you understand the myriad of emotions that come with weight gain, especially after you’ve worked so hard at losing it.   These emotions leave you feeling exhausted and defeated. You don’t know whether to accept defeat or press on to victory.

Battling weight is something I have done for many years now.  It has taken its toll on me both physically and mentally.  I am worn down and want to put a stop to this battle once and for all,

With that being said, I looked at the pile of diet books I had in my bookcase and realized each one of these diets had led to weight loss but, not one had given me long term victory.   Something had to change.  I couldn’t continue stocking my bookshelf with more diet books.

I sat down and questioned why I wanted to lose weight in the first place.  These answers came to mind.  I want to be thinner. I want to look good. I want to fit into clothes that are fashionable and not from the plus size rack.  I want to feel good about myself and be able to run around with my kids. I want to be a healthier me.

That was it! I wanted to be a healthier me.  Above all else I wanted to be healthy and that’s what I began to focus on.

I decided to remove the word “diet” from my vocabulary and replace it with “lifestyle”.  In doing this simple shift in words, food is no longer my enemy but my friend.

I research how food impacts my body and what role it plays in my overall health.  Eg. (Beans are high in fiber and remove cholesterol and fat from my body.  Cucumbers on the other hand relieve bloating and act as a natural diuretic etc.)

Having this knowledge allows me to make wise food choices daily.

Before I eat,  I ask myself “is this food beneficial for me?”  “Is it going to nourish my body?”  Then I can choose to eat the food or abstain.

This way of eating is allowing me to  master food, rather than it mastering me.   This change is shifting me closer to a healthier me.


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